Research interests

My research is on numerical optimization: theory, algorithms, and applications. I have been working on equilibrium problems and variational inequalities; sequential convex programming (SCP) for nonlinear optimization and applications in model predictive control, optimal control, and static output feedback control; and first order and second order decomposition methods for [large-scale] convex optimization.  My current research focuses on efficient methods for convex optimization and matrix optimization, with applications in signal/image processing, statistics, and machine learning. I am also working on proximal interior-point methods for convex constrained programming with applications in conic programming and SDP relaxations.


My publications and working papers can be found HERE.

Graduate students

I am still looking for new Ph.D. candidates to work with me at STAT & OR – UNC.

Ph.D. students:

  • Nhan Pham (Ph.D. student, from September 2018)
  • Deyi Liu (Ph.D. student, from September 2018)
  • Melody Zhu (Ph.D. student, from 2016, co-advisor with Gabor Pataki)
  • Tianxiao Sun (Ph.D. student, co-advisor with Shu Lu, graduated by 08.2018)

Master students:

  • Aditya Balaram (May 2017, current Ph.D. student at University of South Carolina).

Internship students:

  • Yumei Chen (STAN undergraduate student, UNC, summer 2017).
  • Yi Li (Master student in Biostatistics, UNC, summer 2018)
  • Yukai Huang (STOR Master student in INSTOR, summer 2018)


Visitors (From 20.07.2013):